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Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Machine Install Guide

This is the Wanos install guide for Windows Hyper-V. Read and familiarize with the basics before deploying the appliance into production. This guide follows the Bridge deployment.


Table of Contents

Virtual Switch



Import Wanos Appliance


Summary Steps

IP Configuration

Update Software

License Activation

Username and Password


Virtual Switch

Two virtual switches are required for one Wanos Appliance. WAN_Link and Server_LAN will be used as an example. These will be the bridged networks. For tunnel mode, one network is sufficient.


To get started, click Virtual Switch Manager found in the Actions Pane.



Create a new virtual switch by selecting New virtual network switch under Virtual Switches. Choose External and click Create Virtual Switch.


Select External network and choose the appropriate LAN Adapter. Make sure to leave Allow management operating system to share this network adapter checkbox selected. Click the Apply button to commit the changes.


The same steps outlined in WAN_Link can be used. Alternatively, administrators can use Internal, as the type of virtual switch, when connecting Wanos on the same host or in cases where the host only has one NIC and/or VLANs are used

Example: connecting to the physical LAN network:

Type of Virtual Switch: External

Name: Server_LAN



Import Wanos Appliance

Download the VHD version of Wanos from our website. Extract the file to a target directory (e.g. Downloads). At least two Wanos installations are required in a production environment.

To get started, select Action (or right click on the Server) > New > Virtual Machine on the Hyper-V Manager window.



Set the Name to Wanos-HQ. Click Next to continue.

Note: The admin can manually Store the virtual machine in a different location.


Leave the option selected under Generation 1. Click Next continue.


Set the Startup memory to 2048 MB and uncheck Use Dynamic Memory for this virtual machine. Click Next to continue.

Refer to the Hardware Requirements guide for more information.


Leave Connection as Not Connected. Click Next to continue.


Choose Use an existing virtual hard disk, Click Browse to locate the extracted Wanos VHD file. Click Next to continue.


Click Finish.

Additional settings are required to configure the virtual machine. Select Wanos-HQ in the Virtual Machines list and click Settings.


Select Add Hardware and choose Network Adapter. Click the Add button.


Select the first Network Adapter and set the Virtual switch to WAN_Link.


Click the Expand (+) button then select Advanced Features. Put a check mark under Enable MAC address spoofing.


Select the second Network Adapter and choose Server_LAN as the Virtual Switch. Click the Expand (+) button, select Advanced Features and mark Enable MAC address spoofing. Click Apply then the OK button to save all the changes.

Set the number of CPUs as needed under Processor. The minimum required number of virtual processors for Wanos is two. Refer to the Hardware Requirements for more information.


Summary of steps

This section is the summary of what was configured.

Name: Wanos-HQ

Generation: Generation 1

Startup Memory: 2048 MB

Dynamic Memory: unchecked

Virtual Disk: Use an existing virtual hard disk

Add Hardware: Add Network Adapters (Avoid Legacy adapters)

Network Adapter Advanced Features: Enable MAC address spoofing

wan0 Connection: Connect wan0 to the router or firewall

lan0 Connection: Connect lan0 to the virtual or physical LAN

Processor: Four (4)

Follow the steps outlined in Wanos-HQ to deploy Wanos in other locations or offices. Adjust the parameters based on the deployment strategy across different sites.


IP Configuration

At this point, Wanos is installed and running.

Use a web browser to access the Web UI via If the network is on a different subnet, then, change the IP & Gateway information.

Once done, type the Username and Password to Login.


Update Software

Ensure to run the latest Wanos version. A step-by-step software update process guide is available.


License Activation

Unlock all Wanos features by activating a license. Please refer to the License Activation article. This step is also required for Trial use.


Username and Password

The login details for the Appliance and Web UI is in the Username and Password FAQ section.

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