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NTP Service

NTP Service is available and enabled by default. NTP Service can also be disabled.

Default Settings

  • Default NTP Server: pool.ntp.org
  • Default Time Zone: UTC


Disabling NTP through in WCM

Navigate to Device > Configure > System Settings > System settings.

  • NTP Server: disable
  • Untick Enable NTP (checkbox)
  • Fillout the Date and Time text boxes
  • Configure Timezone
  • Click the Submit button to apply the changes


Screenshot of Date and Time settings in WCM. Navigate to Device > Configure > System Settings > System settings


Disabling NTP in the Local Web User Interface

Navigate to Configure > System Settings > System Settings.

  • NTP Server: disable
  • Fillout the Date and Time text boxes
  • Configure Time Zone
  • Click the Submit button to apply the changes
Screenshot of NTP, Date, Time, and Time Zone settings in Local Web User Interface. Navigate to Configure > System Settings > System Settings


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