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Path Selection

Path Selection provides the capability to select the best routing path for data transmission.


Screenshot of Path Selection in WCM. Navigate to Device > Configure > Path Selection
Screenshot of Path Selection in WCM. Navigate to Device > Configure > Path Selection


Screenshot of Path Selection in Local Web User Interface. Navigate to Configure > Path Selection


  • A peer must be detected first before configuring Path Selection (In Web UI, check Network Status > Peer Status ).
  • Track Peer will be populated with a list of options if the peers were detected successfully.
  • Two networks are needed to use this feature.



Type: The path where to configure gateway and latency. Primary and Secondary are the available options.

Gateway Address: Target gateway to configure either as a primary or secondary path.

Max Latency: Latency threshold to consider before using an alternate path. Value is in milliseconds.

Multi-WAN: Enables multi-gateway feature.

Fail Over: Allow all traffic to failover to the standby (secondary) gateway.

Preempt: Allow the indicated Primary Gateway to regain its role whenever the primary path meets the SLA conditions.

Track Peer: A list of detected peers to allow failover to the secondary gateway.

Timeout: Amount of time before Path Selection is activated. Value is in seconds.


Steps on how to enable Path Selection

  1. Ensure that the source network, target network, and gateway(s) are configured properly. (e.g. network and can see each other)
  2.  Establish a connection between the source and target peers (e.g. Wanos-HQ and Wanos-Branch). Check Network > Peer Status to confirm this.
  3. Configure the gateways by adding the Primary and Secondary gateways (e.g. Primary Gateway; Secondary Gateway in Add Rule under the Path Selection page. Verify if the correct gateways are configured in Path Selection Link Metrics.
  4. Select the desired features in Path Selection Options under the same page.
  5. Restart the Wanos service by navigating to Configure > Reset > Reset Service and selecting “Reset Service“. Click Submit button to complete the action.


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