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Log Messages

Log Messages are important in troubleshooting issues. Logs can be accessed in Diagnostics > Logging via Wanos Web UI.


Changing Log Level

System Settings > Log Level

System Settings Loglevel



Peer detected on lan0: 60

Explanation: The cables connected to wan0 and lan0 are incorrect Use Switch Interface Port Roles to fix this.



Alert : Minimum Required Memory is 2GB

Explanation: Insufficient RAM for the number of peers configured. Failure is imminent.



Warn : rsp_peer0 maximum retransmits reached, changing mode to server.

Explanation: Packet Loss Recovery switched to inactive mode.


ThreadSafeQueue: overflow

Explanation: This may be normal or indicate an error. Contact support to verify.



DropBroadcasts: dropped a packet


warning: lan0: no IPv4 address assigned


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