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Router Mode

Note: Router mode is deprecated and replaced by tunnel mode. See tunnel mode for configuration examples.


In router mode, only the wan0 interface is used. In this mode Wanos supports two or more ip addresses on the same interface. Primary wan0 and one or more Secondary virtual lan0 addresses. Primary and secondary addresses bind to the physical wan0 interface. The primary connects to the router and secondary to the switch.

Traffic from the wan should be directed to the standard wan0 ip address.

Traffic from the lan should be directed to the virtual lan0 ip address.

All sites can be in router mode or a mix of router mode and bridge mode.


Basic Configuration


In bridge mode (Layer2), the inside and outside interfaces indicate the source of the traffic. In router mode (Layer3), the same concept applies, but two IP addresses are used on the same physical wan0 interface. In router mode, only the wan0 physical interface is used. Both inside virtual lan0 and outside wan0 IP addresses bind to the physical wan0 interface.

To enable router mode, select router mode and configure the secondary virtual lan0 IP Address and mask e.g.


Screenshot on Local Web User Interface. Navigate to Configure > System Settings > Network Settings.


Screenshot on Wanos Central Manager. Navigate to Device > Configure > System Settings > Network settings.



After applying the change, the virtual IP address will be accessible on the wan0 interface along with the primary address. Traffic from the lan needs to be directed to the lan0 virtual ip address. Traffic from the wan needs to be redirected to the primary wan0 address.

The secondary ip address can be on the same range as the primary e.g.: Wan0 = Lan0 =


While pinging a host at the remote site. tcpdump should produce the following output on wan0: sudo tcpdump -i wan0 host x.x.x.x



Remember to enable promiscuous / mac spoofing or equivalent.

STOP HERE for the initial configuration. The secondary virtual lan0 IP address is the only configuration required on Wanos. The challenge with Router Mode is to configure Routers, Firewalls to direct traffic from the remote site to wan0 and the L3 Switches or Servers to send traffic from the LAN to the virtual lan0 address. This requires advance knowledge of routing WAN inbound to Wanos. For almost all purposes use Tunnel Mode over Router Mode.


Advance setup with multiple subnets: (Optional)

Multiple secondary lan0 networks are also supported, if the workstations will direct their default gateways directly to the virtual gateways configured on Wanos. To configure these multiple additional virtual lan0 networks, these extra networks can be added to /tce/etc/wanos/virtual_lan.


All these networks will be available as secondary virtual IP addresses to be used as gateways for the workstations or servers.

Example 1:

In the diagram the Wan Accelerator is deployed out of path at the main site. Traffic from the wan is directed to the wan0 address Traffic from the lan that needs to be optimized is directed to the virtual lan address


Example 2:

In the following diagram the data center wan accelerator primary address shares a segment with the gateway router. Traffic from the wan is directed to the wan0 address Devices on the lan have their default gateways set to be the wan accelerator virtual lan addresses and High availability is possible by configuring secondary routes.


Example 3:

Another PBR example.

The router has an IP address of Wanos has for wan0 and secondary virtual address Both bind on the physical wan0. Here the router is used to channel IP traffic from the WAN interface to The router has a second policy to channel IP traffic from the lan servers to


The Wanos addresses can be tracked to disable the policy redirect. Remember to not enable PBR on the same router sub-interface that Wanos is connected to, else traffic from Wanos will be redirected to itself. Since Router mode requires routing on the network, it is recommended to use the simple bridge mode where possible.

ip sla 1
frequency 4
ip sla schedule 1 life forever start-time now
ip access-list extended lan0
deny ip host any
permit tcp
ip access-list extended wan0
permit ip
route-map lan0
match ip address lan0
set ip next-hop verify-availability 1 track 1
route-map wan0
match ip address wan0
set ip next-hop verify-availability 1 track 1
interface fastEthernet0
description LAN
ip policy lan0
interface Serial0
description WAN
ip policy wan0

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