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VLAN Trunk

802.1Q VLAN Trunk interfaces are supported and VLAN tags are transparently passed through by default in bridge mode. The Management IP address needs to be in the untagged VLAN or the management VLAN needs to be configured on Wanos to be in a specific VLAN e.g. MGMT_VLAN=100. The default wan0 address gateway should be connected to the wan0 port.

vlan trunk support


Bare Metal Appliances and Virtual Machines needs to support MTU sizes of 1504. When passing all VLAN tags through a virtual appliance, the Hypervisor needs to be configured to allow all tags to be sent to the virtual NIC.



When VLAN trunk support is required, verify that the MTU of 1504 is supported on the Interface Statistics page.

Screenshot on Local Web User Interface. Navigate to Network > Network Interfaces



Screenshot on Wanos Central Manager. Navigate to Device > Reports > Interfaces

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