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Activate License


  • Express and Trial keys are generated via the same process.
  • A new v.4 install will run in an Unlicensed – Bypass mode. A License Key is required to enable optimization and peer discovery.
  • Use the License key that matches the Registration Token and assigned MAC address (e.g. 00:00:00:AA:AA:AA). A License intended for a specific Wanos Appliance will not work on another.
  • Apply the latest Software Update before going through the License Activation process.



Access the License page through Wanos Web UI. To receive an upgraded license, email the Registration Token to info@wanos.co or fill-out and submit the Get Trial form.


Select a preferred Link Speed under Link Speed Category.


Submit and wait for a response. Wanos team will send the license to the Email address listed.

After receiving the license key, click Add New on the License page to activate the license that matches the registration token.

Wanos License 2

A successful activation will change the status to show the matching license configuration requested.




  • Check the if the license was designed for Wanos version 3 or version 4. Contact info@wanos.co if not sure.
  • Copy the license key using notepad (or notepad++) before pasting the entire string on the New License box. This is to avoid extra characters or HTML formatting.

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