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MultiSite is a manual site subnet configuration utility for version 3 and earlier versions. From version 4 onward remote Wanos Peers and eligible TCP sessions to be optimized are automatically detected and automatically configured based on the TCP Option 76.


Note: MultiSite is a v.3 and earlier feature only. Full mesh peers are automatically detected in v.4 onwards.

Version 3 and earlier:

Multisite is used to configure the subnets of the remote sites where Wanos has been deployed. Each remote site subnet is added to the MultiSite table along with the remote Wanos IP address. Each unique site gets a unique Site Number. When a remote site has multiple subnets, each subnet  is grouped to the same Wanos Peer IP by the same site number.

The MultiSite table also enables the remote Wanos IP Address to be configured which enables the Packet Loss Recovery feature and Stream Compression.

The MultiSite subnets are also used by Tunnel Mode to determine the subnet traffic to tunnel to the matching remote peer. This functionality is replaced by Tunnel Policies from version 4 onward.

The MultiSite tab can be found under Wanos Web UI > Configure > Multisite.

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