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Username and Password

Username and Password

This page is dedicated to username and password information:

  1. Default Local Web User UI username/password
  2. Default SSH/Terminal username/password
  3. Changing passwords

Wanos Appliance

Username: tc

Password: ChangeM3

Wanos Appliance Login


Local Web User Interface

Username: wanos

Password: wanos

Web UI Login


Connecting to Amazon EC2 via SSH on GNU/Linux and PuTTY on Windows


Get the Public DNS (IPv4) information under Instances on Amazon EC2 and place the data on PuTTYs Host Name (or IP address) field. Click Open to establish a connection.

Username: tc

Password: ChangeM3




Get the Public DNS (IPv4) information under Instances on Amazon EC2 and type the following on the terminal:

ssh tc@<value of Public DNS (IPv4)>


Note: Add tc@ before the Public DNS (IPv4) information. Enter the password once prompted. The password is ChangeM3.


Change Password

Local Web User Interface

Change the password through the Local Web User Interface. Navigate to Configure > Reset > Change SSH & Web Password.

Change Password


Wanos Central Manager

Change the password through the Wanos Central Manager User Interface. Click the User menu > Change Password.

Screenshot of the Change password menu in WCM. Navigate to Username > Change Password






  1. Username(s) and Password(s) are case sensitive.
  2. Changing the password via Local Web User Interface updates the password for both the Local Web User Interface and SSH.
  3. There is a 12-character limit when setting a new password in Local Web User Interface.

If the administrator prefers to separate the password between Local Web UI and SSH, then perform the following command in SSH / Terminal after setting a new password on the Local Web UI:


(press enter, then re-type the new password to confirm)

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