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Terminal Commands

This section provides Wanos commands that an admin can use, mostly for troubleshooting purposes, if the Web User Interface is not accessible.

Add custom applications/services and ports

vi /tce/etc/wanos/portobjects

Edit groupobjects

vi /tce/etc/wanos/groupobjects

Edit inittab

vi /etc/inittab

Edit wanos.conf

vi /tce/etc/wanos/wanos.conf

Partition the free space to be used for the Datastore. Requires rebooting the machine. (Replace X with the correct drive letter. e.g. sda)

/tce/etc/wanos/wanos-fdisk sdX

Format a new partition. Requires rebooting of the machine. (Replace the first X with the drive letter and the second X with the correct partition number e.g. sda1)

sudo mkfs.ext3 sdXX

Stop Wanos Services

/etc/init.d/wanosd stop or /etc/init.d/wanosd stop-all

Soft Reset

/etc/wanos/wanos reconfigure

Factory Reset



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