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Version 5.0.0 Beta

Major overhaul of Reliable Stream Protocol / Packet Loss Recovery algorithm. Detail change log to be posted.


Version 4.2.7
TCP-X Asymmetric Route Detection modes support for tunnel mode.
Fixed verbose asymmetric route error log.
Advance SNMP OIDs added for top talkers by source IP, top talkers by destination IP, peer status, application list volume optimization stats for top 20 applications, TCP-x active session count.


Version 4.2.6
TCP-X Asymmetric Route Detection for client side and full assymetry


Version 4.2.5
TCP-X Asymmetric Route Detection for server side asymmetry


Version 4.2.4
Hardware support for Lanner Inc appliances


Version 4.2.3
Bug fix for severely out of sync datastores causing 100% CPU.
All v.4 users are advised to update to v.4.2.3


Version 4.2.2
Monitor user added to view stats, but not configuration


Version 4.2.1

New Features:
Path Selection – Link Load Balancing
Kernel Update Available
New TCP & RSP/PLR Congestion control Available

Minor Updates
Set ipsec-in-udp & ipsec options correctly
Minor cosmetic “Done” message restore in settings page
tun/tap interface optimizations: Enabled GSO, TXQueuelength, Tap thread
Enable receiving jumbo frame input on Amazon AWS & subsequent fragmentation
Command line tool to add tunnels – intended for adding many tunnel subnets.
UDP Shim header should only be enabled in bridge mode.
UDP source port may be NATted to random source ports – Firewall pass-through.
Enable disabling netflow with NFINTERVAL=0
Enable Webcache Block IP lists.
Add Firewall option to permit/deny traffic in traffic policies
Spread NetFlow over two threads
Enable tunnel subnet exclusion with Not Tunneled option.
Increase Traffic policies and tunnel subnets to 1000
Enable DHCP config option for auto IP assignment e.g. AWS, Azure, Opennebula
Tunnel destination IP auto assigned to the same tunnel interface.
Tunnel timeout implemented to work like v.3 tunnel timeouts if peer goes down.
Fixed issue when both WebCache and TCP-X are enabled at the same time in Tunnel Mode.
Fixed rare issue where license went to unlicensed state after process reset.
Tag MSSAdjust correctly when ECN flag is set in the SYN packet.


Version 4.1.4

New Features
IPsec and ipsec-in-udp for tunnel mode.
Packet Aggregation / Packet Coalescing

Minor updates
Solved DPI debug logs when TCP-X enabled.
Option to always honour Delay Ack (RSP_OOO_FAST_ACK=false) for low bandwidth links.
Limit MicroCore to 4GB for the datastore to avoid adding too many peers dynamically.
Solved DPI/NetFlow stats for WAN RX


Version 4.1.3

Important Updates:
Rolled back change to reduce NetFlow CPU time. Affected since v.4.1
Resolves Trial License expires prematurely. Affected since v.4.1


Version 4.1.2

Cosmetic Update:
List vda disks the same as sda & vxda in the UI Datastore drop-down.


Version 4.1.1

Important Update:
Resolved losing connectivity when setting tunnel mode without tunnel config in v.4.1


Version 4.1 

Major Updates:

Forward Error Correction (FEC) added to further increase Packet Loss Recovery performance.
Multi-WAN Link fail-over for bridge and tunnel mode.
Multi-WAN Link monitoring on end-to-end connectivity and latency tracking.
HTTPS/SSL Web Caching Caching with a target of corporate HTTPS Apps and Microsoft Office 365
Improved Congestion, latency, loss, WAN policers detection and avoidance.

Important Updates:
Reduce memory requirements to ensure resources are not over-provisioned as in v.4.0.3 BETA
Reduce NetFlow CPU time (Rolled back in 4.1.3)

Minor Updates:
Improve site to site tunnel via a central Hub to optimize both legs of the connection.
Improve logging and logrotate.
More Fragment & Reassembly handling.
NOS-450 Bypass utility update.
Peer Keep-Alive is enabled by default in tunnel mode. Optional for bridge mode (CONTROL_TRAFFIC_KEEPALIVE=false)
Improve Tunnel mode by bypassing non-tunneled destined traffic early.
Force Speed & Duplex setting adding in wanos/ethtool_options
Increased default open file limits.
Compression level 0 now means no compression.

Cosmetic Updates:
Fixed ratios over 1000 e.g 1500% were printed 1.5%
Peer detected on LAN messages are now optional.
Reset CPU Graph after total vCPU numbers changed.


Version 4.0.3

Minor Updates:

Make TCP-X compatible with tunnel mode e.g. Amazon AWS
Update WebCache caching rules


Version 4.0.2

Minor Updates:

RSP/PLR improvements.
Lower RED Drop Probability.
L2 Broadcast Filters.
Minor Cosmetic fixes.


Version 4.0.1

Minor updates:

Tunnel Policies
RSP/PLR improvements.
RTT Calculations improvements.
RSP Reflect TCP State sync packet.
Minor cosmetic fixes & improvements


Version 4.0.0

Major updates:

TCP sessions to be optimized are dynamically learned via TCP Option tags.
Peer info e.g. Peer IP & Hostname are automatically detected via TCP Option tags.
MultiSite configuration removed, since this is auto detected.
Layer7 Deep Packet Inspection – Detection, Quality Of Service, Visibility
TCP Acceleration Performance Enhancing Proxy
WebCache & WebCache Stats
Optional High Speed Per Packet Multi-thread Load Balancing Compression
Click Modular Router update.
Click Router Hotswap / Live Reconfiguration

Minor updates:

Numerous minor core improvements
Numerous minor cosmetic improvements
Ubuntu system setting updates.


Version 3.2.3

Final v.3 version
Minor changes to display new license info immediately after upload.
Reduce peer detected on LAN to 1 every 15 seconds.
Increase netflow session summary limit from 110 to 1000.
Change Wanos 300 hardware device checks.
Change in PLR to not use CLOSE_WAIT state.
New v.3.2.3 Raw Disk, OVA, VHD images and resized partitions.


Version 3.2.2

Updates to allow a DHCP IP when booting in Amazon EC2.
Minor change to UDP encapsulation peer probe messages for Amazon EC2 deployment.
Added static routes to be configured in the UI.
Removed Export to PDF. Re-added in version 4 Alpha.
Display IP on the console banner at boot-up.
Don’t Fragment bit can be set on UDP encapsulation.


Version 3.2.1

New default compression algorithm that provides better speed and compression ratios.
Fix performance degradation on specific custom datastore sizes.
Fix multithreading bug when running compression level-4 in MultiSite. Affects version 3.1.4 and earlier.
Solve condition were TCP Options were included in the datastore.


Version 3.2.0

Core changes to deduplication.
Improve 64-bit memory usage.
Improve deduplication speed.
Improve deduplication hash quality.


Version 3.1.4
Minor fix to set NetFlow REAP time to 4 minutes instead of 4 seconds


Version 3.1.3
Fixed UDP Encapsulation WRED in 3.1.2


Version 3.1.2
PLR optimization – PLR causes TCP sessions to accelerate which is good when there is available bandwidth, but when drops occur due to congestion the PLR acceleration can cause TCP to not slow down sufficiently causing the congestion not to equalize. 3.1.2 implements a special Random Early Detection algorithm to avoid congestion when PLR acceleration causes TCP to not slow down sufficiently. In short PLR and stream compression should now play better together with congestion on the WAN yet still provide the acceleration when bandwidth is available.

New graphs displayed NaN values when value was larger than 4GB in the total column.
Changes to make console access more reliable. Console access limited to ttyS0 / Com0 port.
Fixed IO benchmark on Ubuntu.
Ubuntu bare metal image should now partition and format free space automatically on first boot.
Minor cosmetic fixes, e,g platform info,  WAN Tx shaper tooltip, graph values.
450 and 300 NIC bypass drivers added.
450 bypass on/off switch via LCD panel.


Version 3.1.1
Optimization to reduce netflow load spikes every 2 minutes.
Static routes can now be added via the static_routes file.
Additional TCP and UDP header checks added whether offloading is supported or not.
Additional 2-byte checksum added to catch damaged compressed packets.


Version 3.1.0
The update has been created for clients experiencing instability when handling corrupt TCP headers.
The patch also enables receive checksumming on to the NIC if it is supported.


Version 3.0.4
Is a minor update. Requires v.2.6.2 – 3.0.3
Although it is a minor update, care should be taken since some system level changes are made on Ubuntu machines.
No core changes are introduced and hence this update is backwards compatible with 3.0.x.

Improved Graphs.
Improved Interface Masters Niagara Bypass card support.
VLAN tagging support for in-path Management Interface.
Minor cosmetic updates: NIC driver info, Health Checks for Wanos process.
Improved watchdog can now send heartbeats to the Niagara bypass cards, but can also be set to reboot the system.
For hardware only based bypass cards the watchdog can be set to shut the appliance to trigger bypass.
Improved logging and configurable debugging options will help us to provide better support.

Fixed console access for Ubuntu based appliances.
Fixed a case on Ubuntu where the wanos process does not shutdown correctly on some hardware systems.
wanos-fdisk and configuring datastore partitions in the UI updated for Ubuntu.
Fixed a condition on Ubuntu where running “switchportroles” a number of times could lead to lan0 and wan0 ending up with the same MAC.
Fixed the CPU indicator again.
Switching datastore partitions is not recommended on live systems, but in an attempt to limit the amount of downtime, switching between mounted partitions no longer requires a reboot.
Update removes the biosdevname package on Ubuntu, since this conflicts with Wanos interface naming


Version 3.0.3
Is a minor update. Requires v.2.6.2 – 3.0.2
Switch Interface Port Roles
False disk space alert logged on Ubuntu
Minor description updates in the UI
CPU Indicator
Intel IGB Ethernet driver fixed for MicroCore Linux
Configuration Backup/Restore fixed.


Version 3.0.2
VLAN trunk interfaces are now supported by default in bridge mode.
This is useful when a router performs inter-VLAN routing and has a trunk configured to a Layer2 switch.
The Wanos wan0 management IP address needs to be on the native untagged VLAN.
VLAN tags are transparently passed through, ie VLAN 10 traffic on lan0 will be tagged VLAN 10 on wan0.
SNMPv3 and more MIBs.

3.0 Major Changes:
Front End: A new bootstrap based web interface.
Back End: Bug fixes for better memory handling.

Now Available:
Through Plus support Interface Masters Niagara bypass cards are supported. Please contact support if interested.


Version 2.6.3
Minimal Minor Update CLI script for v2.6.2.
Recommended if Packet Loss Recovery is enabled.

Multithread bug fix in Packet Loss Recovery most evident on 600ms+ @ 20Mbps+.
Optimization & Interface graph incorrectly graphed one value in bytes and not bits after changes in 2.6.
Minor update to tunnel mode to make it more efficient.
Fixed update via GUI, hence the next update will be applied via the web interface.


Version 2.6.2
v.2.6.2 Is a minor update from 2.6.1

New in 2.6.2
Tunnel mode for optimized traffic.

Fixed backwards compatibility for plus keys.
Fixed 32-bit mode
NetFlow interval reduced from 5 minutes to 2 minutes to see stats update sooner.


Version 2.6.1
This is a major update.
Not backwards compatible.
Please test thoroughly before deploying in production.
Please report any anomalies to help us fix them asap.

Major changes in 2.6.1:
Linux kernel updated to 3.16.6
64-bit kernel is now default.
32-bit is available in dual boot and can be enabled for older appliances.
Dedup is now both faster, with better compression ratios. New optional dedup config settings for high speed links.
Packet Loss Recovery is now out of beta and heading towards being on by default in v.3.0.0
High and Low optimization settings are replaced with more Compression and Dedup options between 0 – 4. Lew is working on updating the docs.
Alpha transparent squid webcache is available for testing (disabled by default)
Express reduced to 1 Mbps.

Fixes, improvements and minor UI updates
Fixed a bug in Packet Loss Recovery that caused network lockups. (Spiffster)
Graphs now scale past 100 Mbps up to 1 Gbps. (Spiffster)
Fixed a few issues with stuck NetFlow stats. (IT Mildura)
Fixed the High CPU usage when enabling bandwidth shapers.
UI now recognize TB disks (Optimera.us)
Dashboard, Protocols and Sessions stats can now be filtered per peer.
Minor updates in Javascript (Spiffster)
Fixed issue where UDP encap kept remote peer up while restarting the service.
Fixed an issue where TCP Syn packets were not tagged with peer detect option when EOL option was present. (Beyers)
Fixed the extremely difficult to read negative (-Mbps) numbers in the graphs
Disabled IP Fragmentation reassembly since it caused more harm than good.
Added a benchmark tool.
Added Hyper-V drivers.
Silicom PCI-X bypass card support is dropped, but support for new cards are coming.
Made virtual lan0 address pingable locally from the cli
Made it possible to boot on a single nic without further configs.
Made it possible to migrate a machine to new hardware without ./clean.sh (Keys + wan0 and lan0 interfaces will need to be reconfigured)
New dashboard for better visibility of Optimized traffic and bypassed traffic.
Peer Status tab should now work in Chrome, Firefox and IE.
Some cosmetic touch-ups. (Lew, Beyers)
DNS settings (required when enabling the webcache)
Fixed the disabled ‘shape’ action in traffic policies (Loic)
Added a Global WAN shaper. (Loic, LuisP)
(The global bandwidth limit has been tied into PLR to avoid packet loss on a congested WAN. This will likely become an essential/required config step.)
Added SSH password change to the UI.
Added Admission Control alerts to warn users that the limit has been exceeded.
Added Alert to notify user that GW must be found on wan0.
Drive usage indicator.
Also made Disk IO stats per CPU thread for a clearer picture.
Dropped the WAN simulator (Not required since Express is now 1 Mbps and the global wan shaper replaces it).
Queue depth is now calculated on Licensed bandwidth or configured Global bandwidth limit to avoid bufferbloat on low speed links. (Cristian)
(Would be great if users on < 512 Kbps links contact us to determine if we can further optimize the queues for low speed links based on real world conditions)


Version 2.0.5

Micro update.
Compatible with v2.0.4
Importance: Low

MultiSite free support dropped for Express.
Express supports only the Default site 0, for single remote site deployments.
Fixed a new MultiSite bug for Plus users.


Version 2.0.4

Peerstatus missing info bug fixed.
Packet loss recovery status added to peerstatus
Minor gui updates: e.g. Alert footer added to remind users to apply policy changes.
UDP Encap src port changed to 4050.


Version 2.0.3

Layer 3 Routed mode
Out of path via Routing
Out of path via PBR
Single Ethernet deployment
Simple gateway router for multiple lan subnets

QoS improved to not influence Packetloss Recovery and Packet Order Correction and will help some scenarios to keep the datastores better in sync.

Minor GUI’s e.g:
CPU graphs now graphs each CPU thread for a more detailed view of thread utilization.


Version 2.0.2
It has a major throughput performance boost on recent CPU/RAM hardware. Depending on hardware configuration throughput increase is expected to be 20-130%. On one specific test system throughput increased 2.3X.
Additional safety checks for packet loss recovery and packet order correction. These features are very robust and dynamic based on network conditions. Cold compression ratio increase significantly with these enabled (will get the specific figures).
Some reported missing peer status info in the Peerstatus tab at random times.
MultiSite calculated required Ram incorrectly.
Added initial Health Status/Check tab.
SSH disabled/enabled via gui settings.
Datastore drive configurable via GUI. (Still requires valid partition to exist). After updating to 2.0.2 double check / reconfigure datastore drive.
As requested the policy configuration has been made easier to edit existing rules.


Version: 1.4.1
Minor Updates:
10-20% Throughput improvement @ 0% reduction loss.
Fixed a bug where reloading a full datastore on one side would lead to sub-optimal optimization due to syncing.
Fixed a bug introduced in 1.3.4 that caused Netflow data to not expire correctly.
Alpha Netmap support.


Version: 1.4.0
Major Update:
If 1.3.4 is running in a stable environment, it is not required to upgrade yet.
Upgrade if the current deployment is in the trial/test phase.
Significant changes to improve multi-threading.
Shellshocker security updates, although Wanos is not vulnerable from unauthenticated sessions.


Version: 1.3.4
Minor Update:
Changed the default multithreading config.
Top Protocols sorting added.
Fixed the 64GB partition sizes in the .OVA and .VHD packages.


Version: 1.3.3:
Minor update:
QoS traffic graphs
Per Peer LAN/WAN traffic graphs
Initial process priorities


Version: 1.3.2:
Minor update:
Fixed a case where fragments caused NetFlow to crash.


Version: 1.3.1:
Is a maintenance release:
Patched a bug that dropped UDP traffic.
Added default Encrypted and Interactive bypass policies.
Enabled UDPEncap peering sample rates to be adjustable or disabled.


Version: 1.3.0:
Is a major update.

More safety nets implemented for UDP and TCP fragments.
Fix implemented where click process froze randomly when CPU threads were >= 6. Only affected high spec devices with 8-12 cores.
Traffic policies changed to require a protocol in order to avoid accidental UDP optimization.
UDP Optimization improved.
Traffic Session Flow statistics e.g. src_ip dst_ip 90% reduction.
Top protocol/application statistics e.g. www, pop3
Live graph added to help monitoring. live ratio and live bytes saved (From LAN to WAN and vice versa)
Per Peer/Site optimization graphs e.g. possible to see stats for Site_A, Site_B and Site_C
Ratio Graphs added e.g. Ratio 2X for the last Hour, Day etc.
Ability to export graphs added.
Peering Status to see which sites are online.
Bypassed/Passthrough traffic excluded from optimization graphs.
Netflow export to external collector.
UDP Encapsulation of optimized traffic.
Core/Edge renamed to High/Low to reduce confusion. Docs will be updated as well.
wanos-show utility added.

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