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Quick Start Guide – Hyper-V

Step by Step Guides with screenshots:
Single VM Install on Hyper-V
Full lab on Hyper-V
Quick Start Guide:

By default Wanos runs in bridge or switch mode. In this back to back lab example, theoretically no configuration is required on the wan optimization appliance to test optimization. In other words, it is plug and play, as long as the wan0 and lan0 are [...]

Quick Start Guide – Bootable USB

Wan Optimization Appliance – Bare Metal Whitebox
A Wanos Wan Optimization Appliance is very simple to get up and running. All that is required is a very good quality USB, Compact Flash or physical hard drive, a minimum of 2 GB RAM and two Ethernet interfaces. Note when making the bootable appliances, make sure the destination drive name is specified correctly to [...]