Wan Optimization OEM

Business Partnership & OEM

IT companies can sell and support Wanos directly to their clients. This enables Wanos partners to generate revenue through selling optimization hardware, installation of the solution, technical support and ongoing maintenance. The Partner program has been established for collaboration between Wanos and our partners, offering a range of benefits and rewards to ensure our mutual success.

IT Partners are essential to reach more companies that can benefit from WAN Optimization. Wanos is committed to our mutual success and offer some of the highest industry discounts. We encourage IT services businesses to register as partners and join us in making WAN networks faster and more efficient.

Partner Levels

Authorized Partner
This partnership level has been created for IT companies who want to resell and support Wanos directly to their clients.

  • Develop technical skills to install, configure and support the solution.
  • Resolve 90% of first line and second line support cases.
  • Establish Wan Optimization product webpage.

  • Partner discounts on hardware, software and not-for-resale (NFR) discounts.
  • Deal registration and sales lead sharing with active partners.
  • Generate new business contacts for repeat business.
  • Product Roadmap insights and feature acceleration tailored for your clients.
  • Generate new opportunities through thousands of businesses visiting Wanos each month.

Authorized Reseller
This partnership level has been created for IT companies who want to resell Wanos only and would prefer Wanos Networks to support their client directly.


Please contact us for more information on the Business Partner program or to register as a partner for your location, please fill out this form. Once the registration has been processed, we will send an email confirmation. Please use your corporate email when registering to ensure you receive appropriate level of access.

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Wan Optimization OEM

Wanos can be into integrated into other products as an OEM Wan Optimization solution. Bundling Wanos with an existing Firewall UTM solution enables vendors to easily add Wan Optimization to their portfolio of features. Wanos also provides specific features in library format. If your company is interested in the OEM solution please get in touch by emailing info at wanos.co