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Wanos Wan Optimization delivers not only the industry fastest return on investment – but essential visibility and control required to manage the WAN. Wanos is available as a bare-metal as well as virtual solution on most hypervisors including VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. Wanos is application and protocol agnostic and optimize and accelerates the performance of all applications.


Packet Loss Recovery
Packet Order Correction
Bi-directional Optimization
Cross Protocol Deduplication
Persistent Deduplication
Quality of Service
Bridge Mode
Router Mode
Virtual Appliance
Network Transparency
Efficient Compression
Protocol Agnostic
Application Agnostic
Graphical User Interface
High Availability
Peer Auto Discovery
QoS Graphs
NetFlow Exports
TCP Optimization
UDP Optimization
UDP Encapsulation
Top Protocols
Top Talkers


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