Reduce bandwidth cost and Accelerate application speeds with WAN Optimization.Check out the Free Wan Optimizer Appliance and Features.

Wanos Features

Packet Loss Recovery

Packet Loss Recovery keeps an accurate RTT of the WAN link to detect and recover from loss early which ensures data is delivered reliably, improves link quality, improves application performance and accelerates TCP.

Universal Deduplication

Cross flow deduplication removes deduplicate byte patterns, irrespective of source protocol, application or session that originated the initial data

TCP Acceleration

The full transparent TCP Acceleration Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) can significantly enhance TCP performance with High Speed TCP

Quality of Service

Classification, Marking and Traffic Shaping ensures priority and bandwidth-intensive traffic receive the most optimal quality of service

Packet Order Correction

Correcting packet order on the fly helps avoid the negative performance impacts and retransmissions due to out of order packets.

Stream Compression

Enabled with PLR, real time stream compression produces the highest compression ratios and bandwidth savings.

Bidirectional Optimization

Full bidirectional optimization ensures upstream and downstream traffic paths share the same deduplication byte cache for improved compression ratios.

Bridge Appliance

The Wan Optimizer is by default a bridge appliance, which enables quick and simple deployment, is non-intrusive and preserves the natural traffic flow.

Graphical User Interface

The Web Interface powered by Open Source Linux, provides Visibility into Wan Optimizer performance, Protocol Statisctics, System Health information and configuration options

Persistent Data Store

A large disk based data store enables long term retention of deduplication data and full service restoration after infrastructure outages.

Router Mode

Routed mode and Tunnel mode compliments bridge mode as an alternative and flexible deployment option to route traffic through the Wan Optimizer.

Network Transparency

Source and Destination addresses are preserved for network visibility. The Wan Optimizer does not translate addresses or proxy traffic.