Wan Optimization Vendor – WAN Acceleration by Wanos Networks

About Wanos 

Wanos Networks is the vendor providing the most cost effective Wan Optimization solutions.

Who is Wanos Networks?

Wanos Networks brings wan optimization products that provide bandwidth cost reduction and wan acceleration technology to networks where premium wan optimization solutions are not economically viable. Wanos was founded in 2013 based on the mission to fill the need for wan optimization solutions that offers 80% or more of the premium benefits at 20% or less of the typical wan optimization vendor cost.

Wanos has been deployed commercially in over 45 countries.
Our largest client is a financial institution that has almost 150 000 employees.
Wanos Networks is a profitable business and has revenue growth of over 50% YoY.

What is Wanos?

Wanos Wan Optimization products are physical or virtual network appliances that reduce network traffic costs, accelerate network speeds and improve network quality. The Wide Area Network Optimization Switch (NOS) increases data transfer efficiency through compression, deduplication, quality of service and packet loss recovery. Wanos is designed on the following key principles

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Create value by helping IT manager's solve real network problems.

Why Wanos?

All other Wan Optimization solutions have one thing in common: Extraordinary price tags that force IT Managers to select the guarantees of bandwidth upgrades over the promises of Wan Optimization:

"Economic conditions have forced many organizations to rely on bandwidth savings as the primary justification to invest in Wan Optimization" - Gartner.
Wanos is committed to helping IT Managers deliver a real return on investment as fast as possible.

What our clients say.

  • Very good product. The return on investment is almost immediate. I am very happy with the WanOS product and staff.

    Rudy Jaros Director Of Information Systems - Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry

  • Wanos has helped us to improve replication throughput more than twofold. Although we also trialed the leading wan optimization products, we selected Wanos since it provided one of the best ROI’s

    Jorge RedondoHead of Business Technology - AIVA

  • Our Wanos VMs are running wonderfully. Not a single hiccup on any of the four that we are running. Just chugging along without incident for months without a reboot. Very impressive.

    Jeremy DoryIT Director - Beaudin Ganze Consulting Engineers