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High Availability

Wan Optimization high availability or redundancy can be achieved by running a backup network cable parallel to the Wanos device.

When running RSTP the Wanos device is placed between two switches, connected via wan0 to the outside switch and lan0 to the inside switch. The backup link is cabled between the same two switches. Hence two cables run between the outside [...]


Wan Optimization Multipoint enables optimization between multiple fully meshed sites. The default configuration is sufficient for optimization over a point to point link. When enabling MultiSite on a dedicated appliance running the HDD/USB image, additional disk space may be required. This allows for a larger datastore which caters for the additional sites. If required, please see the steps to add [...]

Configuring QoS

Configuring Wan Optimization QoS
Any Wan Optimizer is not complete without QoS. Not only because QoS can be the best form of bandwidth optimization but also since Wan optimization techniques change the traffic signatures similar to how encryption does. Configure QoS to ensure traffic gets the most appropriate treatment over the WAN.  Wanos supports  classification, marking, shaping and priority queuing.
In this first [...]

vSphere vSwitch Guide

Wan Optimization Virtual Appliance on VMware vSwitch
When installing the virtual appliance, these guidelines can ensure that a bridge loop does not form. Both physical and virtual appliances bridge traffic. The in-path interface is a bridged connection between the lan0 and wan0 interfaces. The lan0 and wan0 virtual interfaces needs to map to distinct virtual switches and physical interfaces. In other [...]