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Device Dashboard

WCM – Device – Dashboard – Network


Screenshot of Dashboard in WCM. Navigate to Device > Dashboard > Network


The device dashboard contains the same data found in the local web user interface. It provides the user with the following information:

  • Optimized Mbps: Wan Tx
  • Optimized Mbps: Wan Rx
  • Ratio
  • Pass-Through Mbps
  • Protocols

It has the option to export the data into a PDF file.

WCM – Device – Dashboard – System

Screenshot of the device’s System state in WCM. Navigate to Dashboard > System


The system dashboard shows the following appliance’s hardware information:

  • System Load
  • CPU Load
  • Disk Input/Output
  • RAM utilization
  • Disk usage
  • Indicators
  • System Load
  • System Information

The data can be exported to a PDF report.

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