TCP Acceleration

TCP Acceleration
The TCP Acceleration Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) is an optional feature that can be enabled on the Wan Accelerator to significantly enhance performance when sending TCP traffic over suboptimal network conditions or to improve TCP performance of slow TCP stack implementations.

Note: The PEP TCP Accelerator is available in v.4.
Limitations of Standard TCP
Most applications such as Email, HTTP, FTP and [...]

Packet Loss Recovery


Modern TCP stacks have become more efficient at dealing with latency by adding TCP Window Scaling and Selective Acknowledgements. However TCP is still vulnerable to packet loss and this has a drastic impact on network performance. Some degree of packet loss is almost always present in every wide area network. At times it is due to link quality but at other [...]


Wan Optimization Multipoint enables optimization between multiple fully meshed sites. The default configuration is sufficient for optimization over a point to point link. When enabling MultiSite on a dedicated appliance running the HDD/USB image, additional disk space may be required. This allows for a larger datastore which caters for the additional sites. If required, please see the steps to add [...]