WAN Optimization with Real ROI

Wan Optimization with 80% of the premium vendor benefits at 20% of the costs

Wanos Wan Accelerator

Here's what to expect:

  • Reduce Bandwidth Costs.
  • Accelerate WAN speeds.
  • Delay Bandwidth Upgrades.
  • Faster backups and replication.
  • Improve WAN link quality metrics.
  • Improve End User Quality of Experience.
  • Improve performance for all WAN applications.

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What our clients say

  • Very good product. The return on investment is almost immediate. I am very happy with the WanOS product and staff.

    Rudy Jaros Director Of Information Systems - Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry

  • Wanos has helped us to improve replication throughput more than twofold. Although we also trialed the leading wan optimization products, we selected Wanos since it provided one of the best ROI’s

    Jorge RedondoHead of Business Technology - AIVA

  • From my experience using Wanos in a production environment for the last three months I can say that you guys have a fantastic product! It has exceeded my expectations in just about every way.

    Jeremy DoryIT Director - Beaudin Ganze Consulting Engineers

Reduce Bandwidth Costs

Stream Compression and Byte-Caching reduce the amount of data crossing the WAN, leading to bandwidth cost savings.

Accelerate WAN speeds

Reduced data enables more compressed data to cross the WAN, which when extracted leads to WAN Acceleration.

Delay Bandwidth Upgrades

Wan Optimization helps to defer bandwidth upgrades and to get more out of their current links.

Faster backups and replication

Wan Optimization and Wan Acceleration leads to faster backups, replication and restoration.

Improve WAN link Quality

Less data on the links and packet loss recovery improve link quality metrics leading to better WAN performance.

Improve End User Experience

Healthier WAN connections improve End User Experience, better application resonse and productivity.

Improve all WAN applications

All WAN applications benefit from eliminating congestion and improving the link quality.

A Wan Optimization Solution with a focus on Return on Investment.

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