Virtual Machine

The VMware ESXi hypervisor is highly optimized for efficiency and with dedicated resources assigned, it introduces no perceivable impact. ESXi also adds additional utility through various management features that make snapshot, backups and upgrades a breeze. Running Wanos in ESXi is a definite winning combination and recommended for head office or where virtual machines are possible.

Hardware Requirements

When running Wanos on bare metal, the minimum hardware requirements are 2x CPU, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB disk space and 2x Ethernet interfaces. This is sufficient for point to point deployments or for the spokes on a point to mulitpoint deployment. In a fully meshed MultiSite network with all features enabled and a total of 5 remote sites, the appliances requires 4 GB RAM and 64 GB disk space.

More CPU threads will improve performance. Less memory or disk space will trigger an alert that the software will run out of resources. Disable any shared resources. When enabling MultiSite, assign 4 GB of memory and at least 64 GB of disk space.

In most production networks it is recommended to mount the datastore on a physical disk drive and if available SSD drives. The USB image can also be written straight to a physical disk.  When booting from USB, by default the datastore will be mounted on the USB drive. Select the best quality possible flash disk. Clear the datastore after making any changes to the datastore.

Where possible always deploy dedicated hardware or dedicated virtual machine resources. Always select local SSD or HDD storage. See more hardware performance figures in the Performance Guide