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Configuration / Disable tls 1.0 and enable tls1.1 and 1.2 support on wanos
« Last post by Leighton on April 01, 2020, 04:55:09 AM »
Just had security assessment done on our network and found wanos TLSv1 is enabled. is it possible to disable tls1.0 and enable tls 1.1 and tls1.2 ?

wanos appliance, v4.2.8 64-bit Plus 200/200

Deployment / Re: Setup in Lab between branch Office and HQ through a VPN
« Last post by ahenning on December 03, 2019, 11:21:15 AM »
Yes, WAN Optimization works well on Zerto replication. It still depends on the data that is being replicated and zerto builtin encryption/compression disabled.
Deployment / Re: Setup in Lab between branch Office and HQ through a VPN
« Last post by leezy on December 03, 2019, 11:04:53 AM »
i think wan optimization happens only if the traffic transfer are untouch... has anyone here tested with Zerto replication? any improvement if still install WANOS between the sites?

any statistical data shows for WANOS over actual production environment?
Deployment / Re: Would wanos benefit a fa
« Last post by ahenning on September 03, 2019, 10:03:39 AM »
Yes, I think the trial would be the best answer to that question.

E.g. The trial might determine that its a best case scenario where only a 20/200 is needed and run only TCP-X to bump the 60 Mbps to e.g. 150 or 200 Mbps
Deployment / Re: Would wanos benefit a fa
« Last post by DDIT on September 03, 2019, 08:54:05 AM »
Thank you.

London has a 1GB DIA circut, Hong Kong has 200M circuit, so the site-to-site VPN throughput averages around ~60Mbps.

So, looking at the pricing, which product would we need to see an improvement beyond 60Mbps? 200/400? Would the 1000/1000 be wasted?

I presume if we ran a trial of Plus, we could learn what sort of improvement we could achieve?
Thanks in advance.
Deployment / Re: Would wanos benefit a fa
« Last post by ahenning on September 02, 2019, 03:48:02 PM »

There seems to be 2 unique use case in this topology:
London << 60Mbps/200ms >> Hong Kong << 90Mbps/40ms >> Shanghai.

London -> Hong Kong, could benefit from Wan Optimization, but especially TCP acceleration if the link currently does not perform close to 60Mbps. For example in similar client scenarios the throughput between these two would be closer to 10 Mbps under normal conditions.

On the second leg of the topology I suspect only the Wan Optimization features would provide benefits and the 40ms latency would not affect the TCP performance too badly.

Express 6/60 is the older v.3 version with 6Mbps Wan Optimization output, and 60Mbps pass-through/qos license.

Note: the forum questions usually involve small links because that is the typical use case for express users that use free forum support. Plus clients and trial users get direct support.
Deployment / Would wanos benefit a fa
« Last post by DDIT on September 02, 2019, 03:26:53 PM »

We have a 3 sites connected via VPN with good site connectivity; London, Hong Kong and Shanghai

London << 60Mbps/200ms >> Hong Kong << 90Mbps/40ms >> Shanghai.

Given that most forum topics I read users are utilising much slower eg 1Mbps links, would we see much of a benefit with Wanos? I appreciate this is a vague question.

Lastly, can you explain what the description of "Free 6 / 60" means for the Express (3.2.3) version?

Kind regards
Troubleshooting / Re: Bridge mode over Layer3
« Last post by JohnNicholas on May 10, 2019, 07:13:55 AM »
The two setups are exactly the same so normally no additional configuration would be needed.

There is an exception: When the firewall strips or overwrites the TCP Option 76. There is more information on this at
Troubleshooting / Bridge mode over Layer3
« Last post by Ahmed.Abdulbaqi on May 09, 2019, 10:29:40 PM »

we have the following design
Client ==>wanos(bridge mode)==>router==>router==>wanos(bridge mode)==>>server                                                   
when we setup this connection all traffic pass without optimization , and peer stuck in idle state

but when we connect wanos back to back
Client ==>wanos(bridge mode)==>wanos(bridge mode)==>>server
traffic is optimized normally
we use version 4.2.7
is there additional configuration we need to add to make bridge mode work over layer3 ?
General Discussion / Re: SSL Optim
« Last post by Wanos on April 03, 2019, 01:03:06 PM »
Hi Nqny, Alex,

Please first see the FaQ on encrypted protocols at

In summary all features are enabled except for Compression and Deduplication. HTTPS is most likely already Gzipped so it is really only deduplication that is not supported for SSL. To offset this, SSL Object caching is supported via WebCache. This is intended to be used within an enterprise and to improve the performance of an enterprise HTTPS application. It is required to use a SSL certificate on the appliance. It can be a self signed certificate. It is recommended to use a certificate that can be placed in the trusted list on the workstations.

Note the SSL caching feature is not intended to cache all Internet traffic. We get this request frequently. Please have a look at Squid if you would like to bake your own SSL caching server for Internet traffic.

Please see the SSL Caching documentation for steps on how to enable this for an enterprise HTTPS application at:
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