High Availability

Wan Optimization high availability or redundancy can be achieved by running a backup network cable parallel to the Wanos device.

When running RSTP the Wanos device is placed between two switches, connected via wan0 to the outside switch and lan0 to the inside switch. The backup link is cabled between the same two switches. Hence two cables run between the outside [...]

Pass-through Traffic Policy

WAN Optimization QoS is essential to any optimization solution. This is because some protocols will always require a higher priority over another. In some cases the traffic needs be to be shaped or can be excluded from optimization. For example attempting to compress and deduplicate encrypted traffic is often counter productive. In this case an exclusion rule based on the protocol [...]

Quick Cabling Guide

Connecting cables to the correct ports
User workstations and Servers connect to the lan0 network. The wanos appliances connect to the wan on the wan0 port.

Here are a few tips and tools to assist in the process:

On default, eth0 would be assigned to wan0 and eth1 to lan0.
The web interface displays a green indicator when a port is connected.
If the log displays “Peer detected on [...]