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How to help the Wanos project
« on: June 18, 2014, 10:07:00 PM »
How to help the project is a frequently asked question and a great question, thanks for asking. Any help is incredibly valuable and highly appreciated.

Wan Optimization enthusiasts that are interested in contributing and making the technology more accessible are encouraged to get in touch.

How to help?
The easiest way to help is to simply start using wanos. Deploy in a network and let us know what the most essential next feature is.
Tell a friend, colleague, anyone that can benefit from wan optimization.
Wanos working well in your network scenario? Great, post the results.
Document any questions and answers that are not yet covered.
Help improve the documentation via feedback or editing the wiki:
Found a way to deploy the solution that has not yet been documented? Fantastic, let us hear about it and someone might benefit from this contribution.

More options?
Developers, Linux and Networking skills are very valuable to the effort. Please get in touch and you will most likely find an open door policy.

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