Author Topic: Which Ethernet is lan0 and which is wan0?  (Read 6453 times)


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Which Ethernet is lan0 and which is wan0?
« on: March 03, 2014, 05:56:35 PM »
Normally on first boot the first interface or eth0 is assigned to wan0 and eth1 to lan0.

On physical appliances and hypervisors that emulate the physical port state, the Wanos GUI will display connected ports with a green indicator. Connect/Disconnect to determine which is lan0/wan0. Failing this the same page indicates the MAC addresses, which can be used to determine to which ports the interfaces are connected to.

Also check the logs for "Peer detected on lan0". This is a sure sign that the ports are switched on the Edge. The "Switch Interface Port Role" feature can be used to aligned the ports to the correct roles.

To select completely difference interfaces for wan0 and lan0 peers, these steps can be used:

Screenshot of connected interfaces:
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