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Express vs Plus licensing
« on: April 22, 2016, 07:10:38 PM »
I cannot find the answer to this, I do not think your site makes it clear. The main reason is that you hardly ever mention specifics about the Non-Free Express edition, for example the 20/200 Express license. I want to know if that has support in the license too?

So is Express for my own hardware and Plus is for your hardware and they both have include support.
Or is Express zero support on your hardware or mine.

To be specific, we are looking at the 20/200 speed license and we are comparing the costs of using Hyper-V to run the WANOS, vs getting your devices. So if we buy two 20/200 Express licenses to use for WANOS on our Hyper-V servers, does that include support or do we need the Plus license for support?

Edit: After looking at the FAQ page I am pretty sure the Express version is just forum support, no phone. You should have the information on the products page in the * section underneath the price table.
Please confirm this.
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Re: Express vs Plus licensing
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2016, 12:02:40 PM »

Thanks for highlighting the ambiguity. 
The FAQ on Express Licensing has been updated and can be found at:

The Express FAQ and the products page should be referred to for the latest info on Express.

Some additional info on the current state of Express:
Express limits and features may change from release to release, so its best to have a look at the products page.
Express does not include professional support.
Express does not have a guaranteed upgrade path. Put another way, features available in Express may change with an upgrade.
Mixing Express with Plus is not recommended: Future Plus upgrades may have features that are not compatible with Express.
Due to the complexities of mixing Express and Plus, it voids professional support e.g. Companies that have a Plus at a hub site and Express at the remote sites.
Ad Hoc support at an hourly rate has been introduced.
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