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« on: April 03, 2016, 07:40:17 PM »
This thread will be used for all v.3.0.x updates. Comments may be outdated.

Starting v3.0 there are two Linux platforms: The tried and tested MicroCore Linux and a beta Ubuntu version.
MicroCore is still recommended for small deployments of up to 4-5 full mesh peers.
3.0.4 is earmarked for the first stable Ubuntu release, pending further production feedback.

Microcore Linux and Ubuntu update script:
Link to Software Update (Note: Please lab test the update before going live)

Layer7 Stats (done) and Layer7 QoS (In progress).
Webcache dashboard did not make it into 3.0.4 due to QA.

Is a minor update. Requires v.2.6.2 - 3.0.3
Although it is a minor update, care should be taken since some system level changes are made on Ubuntu machines.
No core changes are introduced and hence this update is backwards compatible with 3.0.x.

Improved Graphs.
Improved Interface Masters Niagara Bypass card support.
VLAN tagging support for in-path Management Interface.
Minor cosmetic updates: NIC driver info, Health Checks for Wanos process.
Improved watchdog can now send heartbeats to the Niagara bypass cards, but can also be set to reboot the system.
For hardware only based bypass cards the watchdog can be set to shut the appliance to trigger bypass.
Improved logging and configurable debugging options will help us to provide better support.

Fixed console access for Ubuntu based appliances.
Fixed a case on Ubuntu where the wanos process does not shutdown correctly on some hardware systems.
wanos-fdisk and configuring datastore partitions in the UI updated for Ubuntu.
Fixed a condition on Ubuntu where running "switchportroles" a number of times could lead to lan0 and wan0 ending up with the same MAC.
Fixed the CPU indicator again.
Switching datastore partitions is not recommended on live systems, but in an attempt to limit the amount of downtime, switching between mounted partitions no longer requires a reboot.
Update removes the biosdevname package on Ubuntu, since this conflicts with Wanos interface naming

Update commands:
bash update

Is a minor update. Requires v.2.6.2 - 3.0.2
Switch Interface Port Roles
False disk space alert logged on Ubuntu
Minor description updates in the UI
CPU Indicator
Intel IGB Ethernet driver fixed for MicroCore Linux
Configuration Backup/Restore fixed.

New in 3.0.2:
VLAN trunk interfaces are now supported by default in bridge mode.
This is useful when a router performs inter-VLAN routing and has a trunk configured to a Layer2 switch.
The Wanos wan0 management IP address needs to be on the native untagged VLAN.
VLAN tags are transparently passed through, ie VLAN 10 traffic on lan0 will be tagged VLAN 10 on wan0.
SNMPv3 and more MIBs.

3.0 Major Changes:
Front End: A new bootstrap based web interface.
Back End: Bug fixes for better memory handling.

Now Available:
Through Plus support Interface Masters Niagara bypass cards are supported. Please contact support if interested.
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Re: v.3.0.x
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Updated with v3.0.4
CCIE RS, CCIE SP, Mnet&sys

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