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1Gb simple case deployment
« on: July 18, 2015, 12:01:49 PM »
Until now, setup for client has mostly been in the upstream of between 1mb to 10mb space. A client is requesting the possibility of a gigabyte setup. Hardware proposed is xeon 1540 (8 core), 128Mb ram and 2Tb SSD for both Core and Edge. Topology is:

Upstream bandwidth at NOC center STM-1 (155mb) - Wanos Core - PTP radio 1-----microwave-----PTP radio 2-Wanos Edge - LAN

1. Is throughput above 200mb possible at edge?
2. If yes, what max through is to be expected on Wanos plus?
3. If not possible to go beyond 200mb, and speed thus is not an appreciable feature anymore in this setup, are other features such as Deduplication, Compression,Packet Loss Recovery, QoS etc, enough reason to go ahead?

Thank for the support as always.


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Re: 1Gb simple case deployment
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2015, 10:55:33 AM »
Hi John,

It would depend on the problem that needs to be solved:

Compression and Deduplication works to get more traffic across the link. If the upstream link is 155 Mbps and the ptp radio link is 1 Gbps, then these features might not be the best fit on the 1 Gbps link, but could help the 155 Mbps link.
Similar with any QoS, it really starts to shine as the link gets more utilized and approach congestion.

Packet loss recovery works to improve link quality. Depending on the variables, this could work well in a wireless network where packet loss can be unpredictable and high at times.

My recommendation would:
1) Use Wanos on the high cost upstream link with all features enabled.
2) Use the 'low' setting on the 1 Gbps with compression algorithm COMPALGO=2. This should provide a couple hundred mbps throughput, depending on loss %.

Going faster is possible, but would require some work on our side to implement more multi-threading for the specific point to point use case.

Perhaps we should start at the problems with the 1 Gbps link?

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