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today i done a test
I dd wanos img file to Hdisk (it is sata and 500GB) on windows xp ;
dd version 0.6beta3
dd if=wanos-usb.img of=\\.\e:   
but boot wanos from this Hdisk alway show below error (BIOS DISK model ;IDE or AHCI)
Attempting boot From Hard Drive

My VMware vSphere Verison 5.5
like Screenshots vlan70(lan0) & vlan208(wan) ,this two vlans promiscuous enabled
whare is wrong,please help

I had build a esxi wanos via ova file,but wanos(VM)system network disconnect , only can ping itself(lan0)

My Server is DELL R710 Raid0 (146GB*4)
1. Write the image to a 16GB flash drive and boot from USB
2. Log in and stop all services: "/etc/init.d/wanosd stop-all"
3. dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb
4. reboot &  boot from Hdisk
 l found login wanos via "tc' , don't need password and
 "ifconfig " no lan0 & wan0 only lo
there is not folder "wanos" in /etc/

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