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Deployment / Peering Between Multiple Remote Sites?
« on: May 27, 2015, 01:55:43 PM »
Do remote sites need to be setup as peers to one another, like a mesh setup vs hub and spoke? There will occasionally be direct data transfers between one remote site to another remote site. The firewalls here have a VPN setup that is hub and spoke topology, but data transferred between remote sites will not traverse the wanos box at the main site since the firewall will just pass (route) the data on to the other remote site.

Hardware / Identifying System Bottlenecks
« on: March 19, 2015, 01:26:09 PM »
We have 2.0.4 setup in production between two offices:

HQ: 1Gb/1Gb
Remote: 50Mb/10Mb

Hot transfers to the remote site we are seeing 25% improvement over that 50Mb link while we are seeing over 300% improvement on the 10Mb link. So effectively things are operating at 60Mb/30Mb which is very impressive but I cant help but think we could do even better on that 50Mb link. During file transfer I dont see one thread go over 40% utilization on an E3-1245. That system is running a single SSD (Crucial MX100 128GB).

Can we squeeze even more performance out of wanos than this setup will allow? If so, is there a reliable method to determine where the bottleneck may be? I would imagine it would have to be IO, right?

Troubleshooting / Error at boot from SSD on RS140
« on: January 16, 2015, 05:02:19 PM »
I wrote the wanos boot image from wanos-1.4.1.img using Win32diskimager and everything seemed to go well, but when I boot from the SSD on the RS140 system things seem to initialize until I get the error:
[Firmware Warn]: GHES: Failed to read error status block address for hardware error source: 1

That error just repeats every minute or so, boot never completes and I cannot get into the system

Even got the same error when I used clonezilla to image a VM to SSD.
Any ideas? I would like to run wanos on dedicated hardware vs ESXi + VM. Thanks.

To clarify, the system is a new Lenovo RS140 with an E3-1245 processor with 128GB SSD. (AHCI Mode)

Troubleshooting / Intermittent WAN Issues After wanos Install
« on: January 09, 2015, 01:06:56 AM »
After installing wanos on the ESXi server at a remote branch I am having some intermittent issues with some of the devices on the remote network. Right now its just the one wanos install, so nothing is being optimized, but traffic is flowing through the wanos vm. My network monitor was showing random devices on the remote network going down then up again. When I take the wanos VM out of the equation and reconnect the pfSense VM from the Bridge vSwitch to the LAN vSwitch, things start working reliably again.

Any ideas at all? I will keep testing and report back as well.

Features / Performance with Syncing Autodesk Files
« on: October 22, 2014, 03:42:39 AM »
Any idea what performance gains wanos provides for syncing of Revit and AutoCad files? I know this is a big selling point of the Riverbed products. Wan optimization is usually the way to go with Autodesk files because DFS-R and similar technologies tend to cause file corruption as a result of Autodesk's built in file syncing and locking mechanisms. This is the main area where we seek to improve performance.

Deployment / wanos + ESXi with pfSense Firewall VM
« on: October 15, 2014, 03:48:48 AM »
I have an ESXi server running at home where I have a pfSense firewall VM and Im having issues getting my head around how I need to set things up so I can test between home and office over OpenVPN.
On my home ESXi server I currently have two vSwitches, each with a dedicated NIC labeled LAN and WAN.
pfSense is connected to the WAN vSwitch as well as the LAN vSwitch along with everything else. How do I place wanos between the two within ESXi being that the firewall is not a separate device?

Thanks in advance for any assistance provided. wanos looks like a great product!

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