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Deployment / How to deploy on Azure
« on: September 05, 2017, 07:21:27 PM »
While work is in progress to establish the Azure MarketPlace image, in the meantime for those that asked for steps to deploy on Azure, here is a comprehensive powershell guide and script. Theoretically it can be automated, but it is recommended to run each command manually, at least for the first couple of deployments.

How to deploy on Azure:

General Discussion / Latest Version
« on: February 16, 2017, 03:46:28 PM »
This forum thread may not contain the latest info. Please see the latest release notes at Release Notes

The latest version is : 5.1.4 
All v.4 users are advised to update to = v.4.2.9
All v.5 users are advised to update to = v.5.1.4

v.3 & v.4.0.1 beta License keys are not compatible with v.4.1+
Clients with v.3 licenses that have an active support contract should contact support to assist with loading v.4 licenses

Major updates in v.5:
Major rework of the Reliable Stream Protocol on which Packet Loss Recovery, Forward Error Correction, Packet Aggregation, Stream Compression, Deduplication Synchronization depend, with the ultimate goal of improving performance, consistency and reliability under poor link conditions.
v.5 Also supports the Central Manager Agent by default.

Minor updates in v.4.2.4:
Hardware Support: NIC Bypass and LCM utilities loaded for Lanner Inc appliances

Major updates in v.4.2.3
Bug fix for severely out of sync datastores causing 100% CPU.
All v.4 users are advised to update to v.4.2.3

Minor updates in v.4.2.2
Monitor user added to view stats, but not configuration

Major updates in v.4.2.1
Path Selection link load balancing.
Better TCP-X performance

See release note for minor updates.

Major updates in v.4.1.4 RC2
IPsec and ipsec-in-udp for tunnel mode.
Packet Aggregation / Packet Coalescing

New updates in v.4.1.3 RC1
v.4.1 Trial license expire date resolved.
FEC performance resolved for any Tunnel encapsulation mode. Up to 4x faster than just PLR with TCP-X.
Scenarios where peak performance reduced in v.4 beta resolved:
  • Raw IPComp / GRE Tunnel encapsulation performance increased 4x
  • Resolved reduced Deduplication performance with TCP-X or Webcache enabled. 40% speed increase on hot transfers.

Notable new features in v.4.1
FEC: More Packet Loss Recovery with Forward Error Correction
HTTPS/SSL Web Caching: Targeting Enterprise HTTPS Apps and Office 365 Acceleration
Multi-WAN Primary / Secondary WAN Link fail-over with end to end connectivity and latency checks for bridge mode and tunnel mode.
IPsec and ipsec-in-udp for tunnel mode.
Packet Coalescing / Packet Aggregation

General Discussion / Wanos 450 benchmark
« on: September 08, 2016, 11:03:50 PM »
Uploaded a video of a benchmark of the NOS-450 under ideal conditions. The 450 is replacing the 400.
Peak: 300Mbps Cold, 600Mbps Warm (approaching 5400rpm notebook drive limit)

Configuration / Documentation
« on: September 02, 2016, 08:42:51 PM »
Please see full configuration guide at: Admin Guide

The Quick Configuration Guide be found at: Quick Config Guide

General Discussion / v.3.1.x
« on: July 07, 2016, 04:22:31 PM »
Note : Change Log moved to:

Version 3.1.x:
This is a major update, and not backwards compatible with earlier versions.
The update requires a v2.6.2 - 3.1.3 systems. v.3.1.x will likely be one of the last v3 updates. The much anticipated v4 should be the next major update.

bash update

Minor fix to set NetFlow REAP time to 4 minutes instead of 4 seconds

Fixed UDP Encapsualation WRED in 3.1.2

PLR optimization - PLR causes TCP sessions to accelerate which is good when there is available bandwidth, but when drops occur due to congestion the PLR acceleration can cause TCP to not slow down sufficiently causing the congestion not to equalize. 3.1.2 implements a special Random Early Detection algorithm to avoid congestion when PLR acceleration causes TCP to not slow down sufficiently. In short PLR and stream compression should now play better together with congestion on the WAN yet still provide the acceleration when bandwidth is available.

New graphs displayed NaN values when value was larger than 4GB in the total column.
Changes to make console access more reliable. Console access limited to ttyS0 / Com0 port.
Fixed IO benchmark on Ubuntu.
Ubuntu bare metal image should now partition and format free space automatically on first boot.
Minor cosmetic fixes, e,g platform info,  WAN Tx shaper tooltip, graph values.
450 and 300 NIC bypass drivers added.
450 bypass on/off switch via LCD panel.

Optimization to reduce netflow load spikes every 2 minutes.
Static routes can now be added via the static_routes file.
Additional TCP and UDP header checks added whether offloading is supported or not.
Additional 2-byte checksum added to catch damaged compressed packets.

The update has been created for clients experiencing instability when handling corrupt TCP headers.
The patch also enables receive checksumming on to the NIC if it is supported.

General Discussion / v.3.0.x
« on: April 03, 2016, 07:40:17 PM »
This thread will be used for all v.3.0.x updates. Comments may be outdated.

Starting v3.0 there are two Linux platforms: The tried and tested MicroCore Linux and a beta Ubuntu version.
MicroCore is still recommended for small deployments of up to 4-5 full mesh peers.
3.0.4 is earmarked for the first stable Ubuntu release, pending further production feedback.

Microcore Linux and Ubuntu update script:
Link to Software Update (Note: Please lab test the update before going live)

Layer7 Stats (done) and Layer7 QoS (In progress).
Webcache dashboard did not make it into 3.0.4 due to QA.

Is a minor update. Requires v.2.6.2 - 3.0.3
Although it is a minor update, care should be taken since some system level changes are made on Ubuntu machines.
No core changes are introduced and hence this update is backwards compatible with 3.0.x.

Improved Graphs.
Improved Interface Masters Niagara Bypass card support.
VLAN tagging support for in-path Management Interface.
Minor cosmetic updates: NIC driver info, Health Checks for Wanos process.
Improved watchdog can now send heartbeats to the Niagara bypass cards, but can also be set to reboot the system.
For hardware only based bypass cards the watchdog can be set to shut the appliance to trigger bypass.
Improved logging and configurable debugging options will help us to provide better support.

Fixed console access for Ubuntu based appliances.
Fixed a case on Ubuntu where the wanos process does not shutdown correctly on some hardware systems.
wanos-fdisk and configuring datastore partitions in the UI updated for Ubuntu.
Fixed a condition on Ubuntu where running "switchportroles" a number of times could lead to lan0 and wan0 ending up with the same MAC.
Fixed the CPU indicator again.
Switching datastore partitions is not recommended on live systems, but in an attempt to limit the amount of downtime, switching between mounted partitions no longer requires a reboot.
Update removes the biosdevname package on Ubuntu, since this conflicts with Wanos interface naming

Update commands:
bash update

Is a minor update. Requires v.2.6.2 - 3.0.2
Switch Interface Port Roles
False disk space alert logged on Ubuntu
Minor description updates in the UI
CPU Indicator
Intel IGB Ethernet driver fixed for MicroCore Linux
Configuration Backup/Restore fixed.

New in 3.0.2:
VLAN trunk interfaces are now supported by default in bridge mode.
This is useful when a router performs inter-VLAN routing and has a trunk configured to a Layer2 switch.
The Wanos wan0 management IP address needs to be on the native untagged VLAN.
VLAN tags are transparently passed through, ie VLAN 10 traffic on lan0 will be tagged VLAN 10 on wan0.
SNMPv3 and more MIBs.

3.0 Major Changes:
Front End: A new bootstrap based web interface.
Back End: Bug fixes for better memory handling.

Now Available:
Through Plus support Interface Masters Niagara bypass cards are supported. Please contact support if interested.

Configuration / Wiki
« on: November 10, 2015, 02:17:09 PM »
Forum posts may contain outdated info. Please see the Documentation Wiki for more recent howto guides.

The Wiki content is being migrated to the Documentation site:

Please see full configuration guide at: Admin Guide

The Quick Configuration Guide be found at: Quick Config Guide

General Discussion / Version 2.6.x
« on: August 26, 2015, 05:06:38 PM »
This thread will be used for all v.2.6.x updates. Comments may be outdated.

v.2.6.3 edit: 14/12/2015
Minimal Minor Update CLI script for v2.6.2.
Recommended if Packet Loss Recovery is enabled.

Multithread bug fix in Packet Loss Recovery most evident on 600ms+ @ 20Mbps+.
Optimization & Interface graph incorrectly graphed one value in bytes and not bits after changes in 2.6.
Minor update to tunnel mode to make it more efficient.
Fixed update via GUI, hence the next update will be applied via the web interface.
Please see the Wanos Docs page on the Update Process

V.2.6.2 is ready for download:
v.2.6.2 Is a minor update from 2.6.1

New in 2.6.2
Tunnel mode for optimized traffic. More info on the wiki: Tunnel Mode

Fixed backwards compatibility for plus keys.
Fixed 32-bit mode 32-bit boot
NetFlow interval reduced from 5 minutes to 2 minutes to see stats update sooner.

This is a major update.
Not backwards compatible.
Please test thoroughly before deploying in production.
Please report any anomalies to help us fix them asap.

Major changes in 2.6.1:
Linux kernel updated to 3.16.6
64-bit kernel is now default.
32-bit is available in dual boot and can be enabled for older appliances.
Dedup is now both faster, with better compression ratios. New optional dedup config settings for high speed links.
Packet Loss Recovery is now out of beta and heading towards being on by default in v.3.0.0
High and Low optimization settings are replaced with more Compression and Dedup options between 0 - 4. Lew is working on updating the docs.
Alpha transparent squid webcache is available for testing (disabled by default)
Express reduced to 1 Mbps.

Fixes, improvements and minor UI updates
Fixed a bug in Packet Loss Recovery that caused network lockups. (Spiffster)
Graphs now scale past 100 Mbps up to 1 Gbps. (Spiffster)
Fixed a few issues with stuck NetFlow stats. (IT Mildura)
Fixed the High CPU usage when enabling bandwidth shapers.
UI now recognize TB disks (
Dashboard, Protocols and Sessions stats can now be filtered per peer.
Minor updates in Javascript (Spiffster)
Fixed issue where UDP encap kept remote peer up while restarting the service.
Fixed an issue where TCP Syn packets were not tagged with peer detect option when EOL option was present. (Beyers)
Fixed the extremely difficult to read negative (-Mbps) numbers in the graphs :P
Disabled IP Fragmentation reassembly since it caused more harm than good.
Added a benchmark tool.
Added Hyper-V drivers.
Silicom PCI-X bypass card support is dropped, but support for new cards are coming.
Made virtual lan0 address pingable locally from the cli
Made it possible to boot on a single nic without further configs.
Made it possible to migrate a machine to new hardware without ./ (Keys + wan0 and lan0 interfaces will need to be reconfigured)
New dashboard for better visibility of Optimized traffic and bypassed traffic.
Peer Status tab should now work in Chrome, Firefox and IE.
Some cosmetic touch-ups. (Lew, Beyers)
DNS settings (required when enabling the webcache)
Fixed the disabled 'shape' action in traffic policies (Loic)
Added a Global WAN shaper. (Loic, LuisP)
(The global bandwidth limit has been tied into PLR to avoid packet loss on a congested WAN. This will likely become an essential/required config step.)
Added SSH password change to the UI.
Added Admission Control alerts to warn users that the limit has been exceeded.
Added Alert to notify user that GW must be found on wan0.
Drive usage indicator.
Also made Disk IO stats per CPU thread for a clearer picture.
Dropped the WAN simulator (Not required since Express is now 1 Mbps and the global wan shaper replaces it).
Queue depth is now calculated on Licensed bandwidth or configured Global bandwidth limit to avoid bufferbloat on low speed links. (Cristian)
(Would be great if users on < 512 Kbps links contact us to determine if we can further optimize the queues for low speed links based on real world conditions)

What is coming:
Layer-7 QoS is making excellent progress. Thanks Beyers.
Layer-7 NetFlow stats will follow after L-7 QoS.
LAN-to-WAN and WAN-to-LAN filter options on Protocol and Session stats.
MultiSite configuration is falling away and full-mesh peers will be auto detected.
Hotswap soft reconfiguration.
CentOS (Some issues on the network layer was discovered and patches sent to upstream projects). Thanks Beyers.

Please help improve Wanos by providing feedback
It would be a good time now to request/suggest minor UI updates


FAQ / Is VMware ESXi Free?
« on: June 03, 2015, 12:31:07 PM »
Yes, it is completely free after loading the "Free" license key. ESXi adds useful features, but wanos can run on bare-metal with the RAW disk image as well. Use VMware ESXi where possible and convenient.

Troubleshooting / warning: wan0: no IPv4 address
« on: May 27, 2015, 04:35:42 PM »
Perfectly normal to see this message every time the process restarts. The message means the wan0/lan0 is in switchport mode without an IP address.

Displayed in Bridge mode and Router mode.

Troubleshooting / No suitable LAN0 interface found
« on: May 27, 2015, 09:40:05 AM »
Alert : No suitable LAN0 interface found
Cause: Second physical or virtual NIC not detected.
Impact: Only Router mode is possible. After reboot Wanos does not come online.

VM: Add a second virtual interface, rm -rf /tce/etc/mactab, reboot.
Raw Image: Add a second interface or add command "/sbin/ifconfig dummy0 hw ether 00:22:22:12:12:12" to /opt/ before the bootlocal line. Remove mactab. Reboot

Note: If the default bridge mode is required, then the second interface is required.

FAQ / Esxi VM autostart
« on: May 20, 2015, 08:36:49 PM »
Starting the Wanos VM automatically in Esxi can be done via the vSphere config:

Host -> Configuration -> Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown -> Properties
Select the Wanos VM and click "Move Up", until the VM is listed in the Autostart section.

FAQ / Datastore Full?
« on: May 01, 2015, 03:48:26 PM »
When the datastore is 100% full, oldest data will be replaced with new data.

When the datastore reaches 100%, it runs at maximum optimization efficiency.

General Discussion / Trial Keys
« on: April 21, 2015, 10:49:57 PM »
Please email registration tokens to info at for trial keys.

Note: Only needed when Plus capabilities are required.

General Discussion / Version 2.0.5
« on: March 19, 2015, 02:01:57 AM »
Micro update.
Compatible with v2.0.4
Importance: Low

MultiSite free support dropped for Express.
Express supports only the Default site 0, for single remote site deployments.
Fixed a new MultiSite bug for Plus users.

v2.0.4 users only need to simply run the : ./

For older versions:
Update steps from v1.4.1 - v2.0.3

Complete image downloads

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