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Deployment / WanOS for Citrix
« on: March 16, 2016, 08:31:25 AM »
Hi All,

We wanted to try a POC for WanOS to see if it helps with our Citrix XenApp deployment across a WAN link. We currently have the datacenter in Australia and around 100 users connecting to it from Indian office. We get a latency around 250ms with approximately 0.5%-1% packet drops. This really kills the Citrix session at times and we have been looking at TCP optimization solutions. We use public internet as of now to connect to Citrix Netscaler using port 443 and then the Netscaler lets us connect to the published applications through it. I am a bit confused on how to deploy the WanOS devices in our network. First question is that do the two WanOS devices need to communicate with each other or see each other (through a VPN tunnel or something)?
Maybe the next point is that all our datacenter network is virtualized except for our Fortinet Firewall which also NAT's the public IP to a private IP in different VLANs. Also, the branch office just has a Cisco RV042 router with unmanaged switches. As I have seen multiple times on the site, I should not connect to the same network to avoid loop, so how and where do I really deploy it? I am sorry I am a noob when it comes to networking.

I am attaching our network diagram that I drew for the reference.

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