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Deployment / New deployment - No Optimization - Peer down
« on: April 26, 2020, 03:58:51 AM »
Hi all.
I have made my first deployment of WanOS. This is for a college assignment. I used the recommended configuration guide for VM environment (using bridge mode). It did work and from the client site, I can access the webserver on HQ site. However, I haven't seen any improvement, the graphs and metrics for optimisation doesn`t display anything. Moreover, the graphs for passthrough display the traffic flowing. Also, I noticed the peer tab does not show the devices have peered, but it can ping each other (and traffic flow between them). I just doesn't understand much, why the optimisation graphs does not show a thing.  Note all the machined are in the same hypervisor, what separates them are the vlan tags only. Is anyone can help? If I am not able to prove that the traffic has been optimised I won't be able to finish my assignment.
I could not find much information on the documentation, but I was trying to add an IP address on the LAN0 interface, as I could possible try different scenarios as well.

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