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Deployment / WAN Optimization Solution
« on: March 28, 2018, 05:34:50 PM »
I'm looking for a solution to compress data and send over the WAN.  I have attached a picture of the current configuration of the current network.  It is basically a LAN network created by connecting two WAN with OpenVPN Bridge mode. The network works, but are bogged down by too much data going through a 4G connection or the Satellite connection.  The radar equipment IP address cannot be changed.  They are only supposed to work in a lLAN network, but we we separated them to work over a WAN.  That is why we have to create a VPN bridge for them to work.  The data going though are video feeds from cameras, radar data, and general data.  I see that you guys have a bridge mode and a tunnel mode.  It would be great if I can just plug in a WanOS between the Cradlepoint and the un-managed switch on each side of the VPN connection.  There wasn't much information in the guide, so I hope someone can confirm that this could work before I buy the devices.  Remember that the WanOS devices will probably think that it is in a LAN  network.

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