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General Discussion / Express vs Plus licensing
« on: April 22, 2016, 07:10:38 PM »
I cannot find the answer to this, I do not think your site makes it clear. The main reason is that you hardly ever mention specifics about the Non-Free Express edition, for example the 20/200 Express license. I want to know if that has support in the license too?

So is Express for my own hardware and Plus is for your hardware and they both have include support.
Or is Express zero support on your hardware or mine.

To be specific, we are looking at the 20/200 speed license and we are comparing the costs of using Hyper-V to run the WANOS, vs getting your devices. So if we buy two 20/200 Express licenses to use for WANOS on our Hyper-V servers, does that include support or do we need the Plus license for support?

Edit: After looking at the FAQ page I am pretty sure the Express version is just forum support, no phone. You should have the information on the products page in the * section underneath the price table.
Please confirm this.

Deployment / Re: What is the best product option, base scenario
« on: April 18, 2016, 07:09:26 PM »
Haven't spun up the virtuals yet because I didn't want to waste my time, like I would have had I tested the Express versions.

I think my question is answered, I will try out 20/200 on SiteA and 2/20 on SiteB. From a potential customers perspective, seems like it would be easier to understand the licensing if it was all based on 1 speed. If you have to have point to point in every scenario and having a WANOS on each side I still don't understand how you would ever get in a scenario where the the up on one side would be different than the down on the other.

Deployment / Re: What is the best product option, base scenario
« on: April 18, 2016, 05:35:02 PM »
This doesn't fully answer my question. I will try and give a few more details in case I missed something.

-Our MPLS from SiteA to SiteB is 20Mbps both ways.
-I only care about optimizing traffic from SiteA to SiteB, to be specific that is 1-way/direction
-I don't care if the traffic going through the WANOS is limited to 10Mbps even though the MPLS is 20Mbps
              *This is mainly because 10 optimized will be better than 20 un-optimized
-Virtual Machines are what I am going to use
-Since I am only worried about 1 direction(A to B), how can I get the SiteB to get the full 10Mbps download(from Express), Is there a way to configure it like that? Alternatively, if I bought the $97 2/20 license, how can I get SiteB to get that Full 20Mbps?
-It probably sounds like I am trying to skirt higher prices, and I am, but my justification is that I am literally try to optimize only traffic from ServerA in SiteA to ServerB in SiteB and I am not worried about any other direction or servers.

Separate questions, please answer these separately than above to avoid confusion.
-Judging by your first paragraph, are you saying I could buy a (20/200 license) for SiteA and a (2/20 license) for SiteB as an option?
-So if I install an Express License on a virtual server at both ends, the effectively and literally there is no 1up/10down, there is just 1Mbps both ways no matter how it is configured, which side initiates the traffic or which direction it is flowing?

Deployment / What is the best product option, base scenario
« on: April 17, 2016, 05:27:47 AM »
I want to Optimize some traffic between Site A and Site B.
Site A is our main branch, servers are backed up there.
Site B is our DR location, we are replicating backups to there from Site A.

The data pipe between them is 20Mbps. We tested your product and it seems to work, but are unable to convince management to pay the costs for appliances. When we first looked at your site we determined we would need to pay for 2 appliances(400s) and then for perpetual plus licenses(20/200), totaling $10354.

I read all of the forum posts and I cannot find an answer to the following question, in fact forum thread 168 one of your techs answers even confused me more.

I am wondering what is the cheapest setup I can buy, or even if the Express version will work for me. Some important details though first. One is that I only want to optimize the traffic coming from a specific Server in Site A to a specific Server in Site B. I am not trying to optimize all traffic from Site A to Site B. What I am confused most about is the 1/10 up/down stats and the fact that there would need to be a Express virtual machine at both site. Like the user mentioned in thread 168, how can Site B ever get to 10Mbps download if Site A is restricted to 1Mbps upload? The only thing I can think of is that the Server at Site B has the WANOS at Site B as its default gateway, but the Server at Site A does not have the default gateway set to the WANOS at site A.

Also can I still use the Express even though the pipe is 20Mbps. Even if it throttles the pipe between the sites to 10Mbps, 10Mbps optimized is still better than 20Mbps un-optimized so I don't care if it throttles it.

Also how does WANOS work with Windows Deduplication, Windows DFRS and BranchCache. I assume they know nothing of each other? Have you done any tests with them?

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