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Wanos Central Manager (WCM) Installation Guide


Wanos Central Manager (WCM) allows administrators to monitor and manage multiple Wanos instances using a centralized dashboard.







Wanos Central Manager (WCM) can be downloaded from: http://wanos.co/updateinfo/wanos-wcm-0.0.1-vhdx.zip


System Requirements

Here is the minimum hardware specification for a production environment:

  • 4GB of RAM
  • 2 or more CPUs / vCPUs

Installation Steps

  • Extract the downloaded zip file into the target Virtual Disk Drive directory.
  • Launch Hyper-V then go to New > Virtual Machine.
  • Configure the Name field.
  • Select Generation 1.
  • Allocate the Memory. Set the memory to 4GB (recommended minimum) for production systems.
  • Specify the network adapter under Connection.
  • Select Use an existing virtual disk and locate the extracted WCM image.
  • Start the VM after completing the wizard.


Network Configuration

WCM will attempt to get a Dynamic IP address from the network. Setting a Static IP is optional.


Username and Password

VM/Terminal Login

Username: tc

Password: ChangeM3


WCM Web Interface

Username: wanos

Password: wanos

Note: username and passwords are case sensitive.


WCM Agent Configuration

Important Note: WCM must be set up first before configuring WCM Agents.  Check the Agent Configuration article for more information.


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